The Home Front Cafe

192 Main St Altamont, NY 12009(518) 861-6452

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The Home Front pays tribute to the men and women of the 1940’s generation.  Much of the memorabilia is centered on World War II.  As you browse, be sure to see:

The Orsini Flag.  This wonderful flag was made by an Altamont man, Millard Orsini, while he was a prisoner of war.  It’s story has been on CNN and Fox National News.  We are proud to have the Orsini flag at the Home Front Cafe

  A magnificent gift we recently received is a signed print of the National World War II Memorial by it’s architect, Frederich St. Florian.  If you have been to the Memorial and would like to write a comment to Mr. St.Florian, please do so in our guest journal and we will pass them on to him

 Artist Edward Cowley’s stained glass art piece of the Home Front Café.

 Our Veteran’s Board where we encourage all veterans to post their photo.

  Many original 1940 newspapers of the War years and the memorabilia under your clear table cloth gives you a history lesson while you are having your meal

An American flag flown on a mission over Afghanistan and presented to the Home Front by members of the 109th Air Guard Group at Stratton Air Base.

  An American Flag flown over Iraq on November 11, 2008 presented to the Home Front by Jim Gage of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 27 (Seabee’s)

  P-51 Model plane painted to resemble the one Clarence Dart flew with the Tuskegee Airmen.  Clarence is a resident of Saratoga

 Our Medal of Honor showcase.  We have been fortunate to have been visited by four gentlemen who have earned America’s highest honor, The Medal of Honor (See our photo page)